Yolo FroYo is the twelfth episode of Season 1B in Talia In the Kitchen or the thirty-second episode in Season 1.


Talia finds out that Jayden is a Spice Master, and he pretends he isn't, but later admits he is. At the school dance, Debbie performs badly and gets booed, so Talia, Valerie and Rudy help her. Afterwards, they try to prevent the guests from eating empanadas Jayden put his spices in, but some eat them and make mischief. Talia and Debbie go to Jayden and Micheal's food truck to make an antitdote, which they feed to the guests. Talia and Tyson have more special moments when they dance togther at the dance, then walk home togther; however, for the third time, Dolores throws water on them when they are about to share another kiss. Later, Julie blames Talia's absence as the cause for the investor threatening to pull out of Lola's.



  • Talia is running out of spices


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