Will is the true main antagonist in Season 1 of Talia In the Kitchen.


Will is the main antagonist in season one. Will used to work with Talia's father and knows more about the spices then Talia. After Lola's shut down he went to work as a sous chef at Fuccinelli's. Once Lola's re-opened he went back to working at Lola's once again as a sous chef for Talia's. He and Talia do not get along until later in the series once he informs he knows more about the spices. His main intent however is to get Talia's spices


He seem's nice around everyone at Lola's except Talia in finale eposide of season 1 because he wants her spices for evil. He used to work at the Fuccinelli's and didn't really like Federico Fuccinelli with his bossy attitude he was the sous chef .


  • He is the antagonist of Season 1 (And partially 2.)


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