Valerie Landry is a main character in Talia In the Kitchen. Valerie is very kind and sweet but she is very scared to commit any crimes. She confesses a lot because she wants to tell the truth. She also doesn't like getting into trouble due to her parents grounding her or something like that. Valerie tries to be in her good side and bad side but it has to work. She is great friends with Talia Parra & Rudy Roseles.


She is described as hot, beautiful, stunning, attractive, unique, awesome, marvelous, incredible, amazing, flawless, and perfect. Ooooh girl!


Valerie is Talia's best friend who's on a never-ending search to find her one true passion... whatever that is! Since Valerie's hobby-of-the-week is always changing, she's got knowledge in tons of random subjects, from juggling to ceramics!


Talia Parra


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  • She appears to be another version of Andi or Sophie from Every Witch Way.


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