Tyson Fuccinelli is a main character in Talia In the Kitchen. Tyson couldn't be any more different from his twin sister, Debbie. He's charming, polite and a little bit clueless, but he's got a good heart. He's a total heartthrob, awesome athlete and thanks to his killer smile, Talia's new crush.


Season 1

And Spice Makes Nice

It is known that Tyson makes an appearance when he is at the Community Corner and immediately looks at Talia. He grows feelings for her afterwards when she offers cake to them.


Tyson's personality is caring, nice, and a natural leader. He wont tolerate his sister being rude to Talia. He may come off as the same as his sister but they are opposites. Tyson at times can be a little silly!


You will always count on seeing Tyson in his soccer uniform. but,when he is not out on the field,you will see a lot of plain baseball tees and just a simple pair of jeans. I would call his style sporty causal. He is good looking and hot.


Talia Parra (Girlfriend)

Main article:Talia & Tyson

Talia and Tyson grow feelings for each other in And Spice Makes Nice but Talia is afraid that he might not like her so she keeps avoiding him. It is a very complicated relationship.

Debbie Fuccinelli (Sister)

Main article:Debbie & Tyson

Debbie is always furious at Tyson because he always eats the food in the kitchen. This Is a brother-sister relationship which grows all the time.

Rudy Roseles(Enemy)

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Rudy despises Tyson since he's a Fuccinelli and how they both like Talia. This is liking the same girl also restaurant feud between Fuccinelli's and Lola's. But Tyson even asked him if he liked Talia and Rudy said no so Rudy blew it and Tyson doesn't even know he is doing anything wrong.




  • He's in a Serious relationship with Talia Parra.
  • He is enemies with Frenchie when he tells him to not touch the food again.
  • He hates Jayden Grubb for Spicing Him so he can get in a fight with Talia Parra and steal her away from him.
  • His twin sister is Debbie.
  • He can be a good schemer sometimes, but decides not to be.


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