"Protect the spices!"
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Talia in the Kitchen is a Nickelodeon series which premiered on July 6, 2015. The show was announced and production started in January and ended in March.


14-year-old Talia Parra visits her grandmother in Miami for the summer and starts reopening her family's resturant. She later discovers she's got a gift: with her special "salt and pepper sense" and her father's magical spices, she can create truly life-changing cuisines and cook just what each customer needs.

Cast and characters

The main protagonist of the series. She is an optimistic girl, she loves everything, and she is fond in cooking and is ready to help Lola's. She doesn't like the Fuccinelli's due to their rival after them closing Lola's and she doesn't know at the start; however, she did have a crush on Tyson. Talia finds magic spices her father has been hiding from her after a long time; they change people's emotions, which she loves doing. Her two best friends are Rudy & Valerie.

Talia's little sister who the incomer of Lola's. She is smart, creative, gifted, taleneted, and helpful. After they move to Miami to live with their grandma for the summer, Julie helps Talia jump-start the mission to save Lola's. She's a talented chef with a passion for fixing things such as the sign of Lola's and making the stove hotter.

  • Tyson Fuccinelli (Liam Obergfoll)

Debbie's twin brother who couldn't be any more different from her. He's charming, polite and a little bit clueless, but he's got a good heart. He's a total heartthrob, awesome athlete and thanks to his killer smile, he is Talia's love interest.

  • Rudy Rosales (Joshua Hoffman)

Talia's best friend. He is great at fixing things, such as putting Mexican music, which everybody hates, in Miami; he also can make Mexican into Punk Rock just for Talia. At first, Talia didn't like Rudy because he would be every other typical guy, but they developed feelings in "Sugar Rush", though Talia had a crush on Tyson. Rudy is great friends with Valerie too and doesn't like the Fuccinelli's as much as Lola's.

  • Valerie Landry (Ellis Ann Jackson)

Talia's friend. She is very kind and sweet but she is very scared to commit any crimes. She confesses a lot because she wants to tell the truth. She also doesn't like getting into trouble due to her parents grounding her, or for some other reason. Valerie tries to be in her good side and bad side, but it has to work. She is great friends with Talia & Rudy.

  • Deborah "Debbie" Fuccinelli (Gail Soltys)

The main antagonist of the series. Even though she wants to succeed with her family's business, Debbie doesn't want her twin brother to know that she and Frenchie have been sabotaging Lola's. She is slightly in confident in her abilities and tends to overcompensate. Its obvious that she cares very much for her family and will do anything to be an amazing chef, like Frenchie says she isDebbie may be astonishingly beautiful, well-liked, and whip-smart, she is unable to handle the fact there is someone out there (Talia) who can actually match one of her many skills (cooking).

  • Federico "Frenchie" Fuccinelli (Miguel Luciano)

Debbie's cousin and the head chef of the Fuccinelli's Restaurant who doesn't want to make the business fall if Lola's was reopened by Talia. Frenchie is very strict, egotistical, and wants everything perfect. He is even a bigger enemy to them, because he took down the posters for Lola's in "Don't Cry Over spilt Tres Leches" and he is not a nice guy to be around. He is sworn enemies with Lola's and tries to close it again, but Talia's plans could keep it open for years. He is unable to realize his envy against Lola's, due to his belief is that he "looks good on everthing".

  • Dolores Parra (Jeannette Lehr)

Talia and Julie's grandmother and a sweet lady who wants to share her taste in culunary arts. She taught Talia how to cook, and she was the owner of Lola's until it was closed down by the Fuccinelli's. She encourages Talia to step in and be the best.

  • Rocky Palroso (Ethan Estrada)

A 12-year-old boy whom Julie meets at the local community center. He has helped Talia, Julie, Rudy, and Valerie many times (most likely because has a crush on Julie), always stating that he "knows a guy."

  • Avery (Marika Dumancas)

Debbie's best friend who stays with Debbie and Frenchie at Fuccinelli's.

  • Will (Tommy Goodman)

A chef who used to work at Lola's before moving to Fuccinelli's after Lola's was closed. He later returned to Lola's, but was after the magic spices.

  • Jayden (William Wilson)

A boy who is introduced in the second season. He works in his brother's food truck. Talia has an intreast in him, while Debbie has a crush on him, and Tyson hates him.

  • Micheal (Cooper Rowe)

Jayden's brother who owns the food truck Jayden works at.