Talia Parra is the main protagonist in Talia In the Kitchen. Talia Parra is an optimistic girl and she loves everything. She is fond in cooking and is ready to help Lola's. She doesn't like the Fuccinelli's due to their rival after them closing Lola's. Talia doesn't like what they did and she doesn't know at the start. Because Debbie Fuccinelli, one of the two head chefs at Fuccinelli's, is better than Talia at everything and brags about it, she becomes jealous and vows to try and best her. Even though she doesn't like the Fuccinelli's, she likes Tyson Fuccinelli an owner of the Fuccinelli's Restaurant. Talia finds the special spices her dad has been hiding from her after a long time. The spices change people's emotions. She loves doing that and her two best friends are Rudy Roseles & Valerie Landry. She is portrayed by Maria Quezada.

Debbie Fuccinelli

Debbie and Talia have a rivalry going on between them. Talia dislikes Debbie because she cooks at Fuccinelli's, the very restaurant that tried to sabotage Lola's. Talia is constantly looked down upon by Debbie and is viewed by her as worthless. She is constantly insulted, humiliated, and ridiculed. Talia is shown to be inferior to Debbie in many ways, and is nothing more than dirt compared to her.

Debbie is a lot more prettier and beautiful with a impeccable fashion sense. She is more popular than Talia and has a lot more friends. Debbie is also far more intellectual than Talia, and always leaves her feeling like an idiot. Debbie is even better at cooking than Talia. Talia could never hope to match up to Debbie no matter what, but even so, she still futilely holds on to the belief that if there's anything Talia can best Debbie at, it's cooking.

However even with her powers as a Spice Master, Debbie is still leagues above her. Her constant strive to surpass Debbie is laughable and is pitied by Debbie for her idiotic efforts. Compared to Debbie, Talia couldn't even make a bread only sandwich.

During season 2, Talia and Debbie eventually become friends and quit competing against each other. They get along well and are even willing to help each other out.

Julie Parra


Julie Parra also known as chipmunk to Talia is Talia's sister they have seem to get along really well but they seem to disagree on somethings. They have been pretty close ever sense there Mom and Dad died, sense then they have lived with there Aunt Tily and now they want to live with there abuela who they are spending the summer with.


Talia is spunky, creative and independent! After moving to Miami to live with her grandma for the summer, she jump-starts a mission to save her family’s restaurant, Lola's. She is also shallow and loves to date hot guys. She's a talented chef with a serious passion for cooking. But her dishes have one secret ingredient in common: magic!


Dolores Parra


Dolores known as abuela to Talia and Julie's grandmother. They are shown to get along very well. At first she was very stern about telling Talia why she had closed down Lola's. Talia wanted to reopen Lola's but Delores said no so she opened it secretly but it didn't go as planned and Dolores knew she was opening it, and continued anyways.


[1] "Boyfriend/Close Friend




  • She and her sister Julie are orphans.
  • She is Head Chief of Lola's
  • She is a Spice Master.
  • She's in a serious relationship with Tyson Fuccinelli.
  • She has a crush on her rival [Jayden Grubb]]


She appeared along with the rest of the cast, on Every Witch Way; during a crossover of the two shows called "Every Witch Lola's"


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