Spice Island and Escape To Spice Island is the two-parter eighteenth and nineteenth episode of Season 1B in Talia In the Kitchen or the thirty-eight and thirty-ninth episode in Season 1. They will serve as the season finale.


Talia, Tyson, Rudy and Valarie plan their trip to the Panhandle, but Talia tells Rudy that he must stay at Lola's. However, they figures out that more spices are located in the Keys instead of the Panhandle. To get to the Keys, Dolores allows her car to be borrowed, and Talia, Tyson, Valarie and Frenchie must now get more spices before Jayden and Michael do. However, Michael is able is track down the group because of Frenchie.




  • This is the series finale as the show wasn't renewed for a second season.
  • The second part of the finale is titled, "Escape To Spice Island".


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