Don't worry, we're safe in here.
—Jayden to Talia

Jayden Grubbb is a main character in Talia In the Kitchen. He is the antagonist of the second-half of the series as well as Will and his brother, Michael Grubbb. He often knows a lot about the spices Talia's possess and he knows that she is a Spice Master.



He is a bad boy. But that's hot. He is also a liar


Talia Parra


Jayden has to fake like Talia to get more knowledge on how Talia cooks, and see if she is the Spice Master; and how much she really knows to take her down to make Brothers in Grubb a success. However, it turns out that he is falling for her for real in the process. Talia starts to like Jayden in the first episode.


She isn't the only Spice Master around.

I hope this pulls off.

You almost forgot this...
Don't worry, we're safe in here.
Works every time.


  • He resembles Jax from Every Witch Way.
  • He may be working for Will.
  • He created a Love-Triangle just like Jax did.
  • He hates Tyson because he is Talia's main man, And He wants to be that.
  • He got jealous when he saw Talia and Tyson kissing so he purposely jumped in and played dead in Spice Island part 2.


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