Mr. Novoa doesn't care about anyone or anything except for his son Jax ruling the world but his plans got awry when Jax grows feelings for Emma, who is the Chosen One. Jax describes him as a bad wizard in Stormageddon. He is manipulative, cold, cruel, evil, and remorseless. It seems that he forced Jax to rule the world even though Jax resented against him. However, Jax has to listen to his dad when his dad says he always let him down.

Powers and Abilities


  • He is shown to be power hungry.
  • He calls Jax a disappointment.
  • He forces Jax to travel to Miami, meet the Chosen One, and trick her into combining the last light with the Full Moon.
  • He is offically set to appear in Season 4, along with his daughter, Jessie.