Every Witch Lola's is the seventh episode in Season 1 of Talia In the Kitchen.


After bonding with Daniel, Talia prepares a special dish for him that may be just what he needs. Meanwhile, after spying on Lola's, Frenchie gets the spice he wants; Emma tries to restore Daniel's memory at Lola's by reminding about her.

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  • This is a crossover with Nickelodeon's Talia in the Kitchen.
  • When Jax tries to ask his father about his sister, Jake avoids his questions.
  • Andi believes that someone had taken Jessie away.
  • Emma only has a few hours left before Daniel disappears.
  • Maddie creates a game show to help Daniel restore his memories.
  • Mia arrives in Miami to bring Daniel back to the Everglades.
  • Daniel reveals to Mia that everyone are witches while Andi watches from afar.
  • Daniel assures Mia that he will return home.
  • Jessie reveals that she use to attend Lincoln School.
  • Emma and the gang meet Talia and her gang.
  • Emma believes that Mia is trying to ruin things for Daniel.
  • Daniel pretends to have his memories back so he can return back to the Everglades.
  • When everyone eats Talia's foods they begin to reveal their true feelings and thoughts on certain matters.
    • Emma reveals she is the most powerful witch.
    • Maddie says that her mother doesn't like Diego because he stinks.
    • Jax and everyone else reveal they are tired of trying to restore Daniel's memories.
    • Daniel admits he lied about regaining his memories.
  • Diego uses his Kanay powers to destroy a rooster.
  • Gigi witnesses Diego doing magic.
  • Jax feels strange magic from Talia's food.

Talia in the Kitchen Trivia

  • Everyone begins to tell the truth about magic due to the food Talia made, including other matters...
    • Emma claims she is the boss of everyone.
    • Maddie says that Emma is the boss of her.
    • Emma reveals she was wrong about bringing Daniel back to Miami.
    • Jax was afraid that Emma made the wrong choice about choosing between him and Daniel.
    • Jax reveals his true thoughts regarding the gang's current situation with Daniel
  • Daniel and Talia talk about their true feelings regarding Miami and the Everglades.
  • Maddie erases Gigi's memories again.
  • Talia believes she can restore Daniel's memories.
  • Valarie is revealed to have a crush on Diego.
  • When Talia serves a special meal, Daniel is able to regain his memories.
    • Daniel believes Maddie to still be his girlfriend.
    • Daniel has most of his memories back, up until he met Emma.
  • Emma is upset that Daniel doesn't remember her.
  • Daniel tries to kiss Maddie, but is stopped by Diego.
  • Emma admits she is unhappy that Daniel tried to kiss Maddie.
  • Jax is revealed to have gone to the Academy for Witches and Guardians.
  • Jax reveals that Talia is another kind of magical being, she is neither a Witch or a Kanay.
  • Jax reveals that Daniel's family hasn't returned home, meaning the Continuum Break is still in affect.


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