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Debbie Fuccinelli is a chef with truly unimaginable skill in the kitchen. She is natural prodigy with who is good at everything and whose talents are anything but limited. Debbie is one in infinity. She is intelligent, funny, resourceful, brilliant, clever, genius, beautiful, stunning, attractive, charismatic, graceful, popular, unique, cynical, manipulative, deceptive, extraordinary, bewildering, royal, astonishing, awesome, marvelous, incredible, breathtaking, amazing, gifted, inspiring, dominating, superior, notorious, flawless, impeccable, and perfect

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Deborah "Debbie" Fuccinelli is the other main protagonist and the former antagonist of Talia in the Kitchen. Even though she wants to succeed with her family's business, Debbie doesn't want her twin brother to know that she and Frenchie have been sabotaging Lola's. She is slightly inconfident in her abilities and tends to overcompensate. Its obvious that she cares very much for her family and will do anything to be an amazing chef like her cousin says she is.

Debbie is the only person in the world who really deserves to be known as the living embodiment of perfection. Many people know that she is truly superior, despite her snobbish nature. She has unrivaled beauty, an incredible popularity rate, and is an extremely brilliant prodigy. These traits that she possesses are usually beyond anyone's comprehension.

Despite the irrefutable fact of Debbie's perfection, this doesn't stop anyone from trying to compete with her. She has become a source of jealousy for countless people, especially for Talia, who is always seen stupidly trying to best Debbie, even though Debbie is leagues above anything could try to accomplish.


Debbie has spent her entire life as the one person everyone could count on to succeed no matter what. Debbie is perfect and flawless in every way imaginable, so she constantly praised and worshipped throughout the world. There are many who think of her as an actual deity, due to her unnatural abilities.

Debbie grew up in a privileged life with almost no worries or concerns to stress over. On the outside, she has had a fairly easy life compared to the characters. However, Debbie had it the hardest of all.

Because Debbie is so unimaginably great, there was always high expectations for her future. Debbie was constantly pressured to do her best, even though her best was more than enough. She has continuously grown beyond the limits of a normal human being into a near-superhuman.

If someone were to raise their expectations for Debbie even higher, than Debbie would work even harder to reach it. If someone weren't happy with her results, than Debbie would work even harder. Eventually, Debbie decided that the opinion of other people didn't matter in the slightest, because they are all too ignorant and stupid to believe that Debbie isn't exceptional enough.


Pretty and popular, Debbie Fuccinelli is a food snob who thinks her family is restaurant royalty. But she's all technique and no heart, in the kitchen and in life. She's determined to bring Lola's and Talia down and won't stop until she gets her way. Passionate and driven, she's determined to make her family's restaurant a success!


Debbie is basically the best example "the world's most perfect person". She may have a few flaws here and there, such as her sadistic side, but she makes up for them with her many talents.

Debbie's most well-known trait is her unparalleled ability to cook amazing dishes. She takes great pride in her skill. Because of her proficiency in the fine culinary arts, she has earned the title of the "best teen chef in the world". She has knowledge in all kinds of cuisines, especially French, and can cook them to such a degree that even professional chefs are left feeling incompetent.

Debbie is prominently known for her egocentric and self-serving personality, which is her one and only flaw. She believes that everyone is trivial compared to her, so she is always seen looking down on people. Whenever the chance is given, she will exert her disliking for others by ridiculing and humiliating them in many ways.

Even so, that does not mean she doesn't have limits. Debbie will sometimes be willing to help others whenever the need arises. However, even in these times, she has shown to still be somewhat cynical. Actually, if it wasn't for her sardonicism, she really would be flawless.

Debbie is also prominently known for her brains. Debbie's intellect is unparalleled and there is literally no one who can even come close to how smart she is (not even Julie). Debbie is able to devise ingenious plans and strategies to take down Lola's. She is also able to easily outsmart others. She is also shown to become a much more nicer and thoughtful person later in the series.

She is an extremely likable and popular person as well. Debbie has a load friends and people who idolize and wish that they could be like her. Even though she was originally an enemy among the other members of the main characters, she eventually made friends out of them as well.

Debbie can be described as one who never gives up and always stands against impossible odds. No matter the challenge and no matter the immeasurable level of difficulty and amount of effort needed, Debbie is, sure enough, the only who can defeat it. For Debbie, achieving the impossible is even less than child's play.

Debbie's innate ability to easily achieve the impossible and annihilate all obstacles in her way is one of the many reasons why she has always been so heavily regarded as a flawless and perfect person. It is because of this skill that she carries that she defies the very laws of nature. Her capabilities are evolved even beyond peak human limits and has been born a truly superior human.

She is also revealed to be very honorable and hates cheating. This is evident in "Faux Frenchman", when Frenchie revealed that Debbie won her cooking competition against Talia when he stole an ingredient from the latter's dish. Debbie become angered and somewhat mortified that she won the contest by unfair circumstances and even began to question her own belief that she was better than everyone. She apparently does not think that winning is everything. She even fell into a nervous breakdown.

Despite her flawless personality, Debbie harbors insecurities about her cooking skills and believes it to be her one and only talent. Because of this, she can get deeply hurt whenever someone comes along and belittles her abilities. She will also try to make others feel worthless compared to her, since she herself feels worthless. However, Debbie eventually learns to quit underestimating herself realizes just how good of a cook she really.

In season 2, Debbie grows more kinder and soft-hearted around Talia and her friends and actually ends up helping Lola's instead of trying to run it out of business. She also becomes more trustworthy and willing aid someone in trouble. Albeit, she still possesses her egotistical nature and still believes herself to be better than everyone. But this time, she is less open about the subject.

Skills and Abilities

Innately Talented

Debbie has the ability to instantly pick up any kind of skill with absolutely no training or professional helpin order to master it. She is a child prodigy who is naturally good at everything. Debbie can do just about anything she puts her mind to. She can achieve superhuman feats with no problem at all. Many people consider her all-powerful and supreme, and has become a shining example of what humanity has so desperately tried to make themselves out to be.

  • Bottomless Potential - Debbie possesses a nearly infinite amount of latent potential within her, with only a fraction of it having been awakened. No one knows just how powerful of an individual Debbie really is and will one day become. Debbie has only discovered a small portion of the potential that holds, but even with even with small portion, she far beyond what any human could ever accomplish.


One of the most prominent pieces that make up Debbie's being is her unique and unmatched ability to cook any complicated dish or foriegn cuisine with exceptional ease. She was exposed to the world of the culinary arts at young age, where she immediately grasped the idea of and grew to an exceptional chef from there. Debbie is very passionate about cooking and never accepts failure in the kitchen.

  • Cooking - Debbie's expertise in cooking is equal to that of even world-renowned chefs. Debbie can effortlessly turn even the most run-of-the-mill ingredients into the tastiest and most delectable dishes. There is no dish that Debbie can't cook with her two, bare hands. Even if Debbie were making a normal peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she can make it taste like a drop from heaven.
  • Food Knowledge - Debbie holds an enormous amount of knowledge about food and anything culinary related. She is able to identify many different types of spices, grains, sauces, drinks, etc. just from taste, touch, or smell. Debbie can use her sense of taste to identify all of the ingrediants in different dishes.
  • Pseudo-Spice Master - Debbie is not an actual Spice Master, as she cannot use any of the spices that normal Spice Masters use to devote different feelings into people. However, her abilities make any normal Spice Master's look like the cheap imitation. Debbie may not have the standard abilities of a Spice Master, her talent and intuition for food is greatly supeior to that of any Spice Master in history.


Debbie been described as a certifiable genius. She is one of the smartest people in Florida, with a very high I.Q. However, she never been seen using the full extent of intellect, only a small fraction of it for everyday uses, Debbie may just as well be even smarter than that.

  • Analytical & Quick-Witted - Debbie is known for her ability to analyze the many different possible outcomes in a situation in mere seconds to determine which action is the correct one to do. She can instantaneously react to a surprising turn of events and easily think ahead of it so that everything works out in her favor. Even in the heat of the moment, Debbie can come up with many different ways to manipulate her opponent.
  • Expert Strategist - Debbie is a natural strategist and expert when it comes to planning. Her plans always go off without so much as a hinch. Debbie can plan hundreds of different stratagems that are absolutely foolproof.
  • Manipulator & Deception - Debbie is a master manipulator and can easily bend people to her whim. Debbie has shown to able to control others no matter how smart they are. She can also decieve others into believing that she is innocent of anything bad she's done.
  • Deduction - Debbie has the ability to break down a situation and easily figure out the soltuion to it.


Contrary to what her cynical personality may lead people to believe, Debbie actually has many friends, a large majority of which are actually considered her serevants

  • Charisma - Debbie has an uncanny ability to friend anyone she meets thanks to her sophisticated charisma. She made a very devoted and loyal friend out of Avery, a seemingly emotionless and apathetic young girl. Debbie even enticed the occupants of Lola's (i.e. Talia, Valerie, Rudy, .etc) into throwing themselves to many of her causes. Perhaps not to the point of servitude, but loyal nevertheless.


  • Intimidation & Dominance -

Physical Appearance


Debbie is a very slender and an extremely attractive young girl with unrivaled beauty. She is caucasian and has fair skin with a perfect face and cheek bones. Debbie also has lucious pink lips and slightly pink cheeks. She has straight beautiful blonde hair that goes past her shoulders and is also slightly below her chest. She usually wears her hair down, but has worn it in a bun or a ponytail, mostly when she is cooking. Debbie also has beautiful green eyes.

She has a very huge fashion sense and spends alot of time on her appearance. Debbie constantly keeps a close eye on the latest fashion trends, which is her favorite hobby, second only to cooking Her wardrobe consists of bright and colorful clothing, ranging from red to blue to yellow to white to green. Debbie especially loves to dress up in pink clothing. Her main choice of clothing are dresses, but she also has a thing for sleeveless blouses with skirts.


Debbie signature outfit is a pink dress with detailed pink and white flower designs covering the whole dress. There are also two white wide stripes that are lined horizontally on the lower half of her dress that go all around. Along with it is a peach leather belt with a long gold belt buckle. She also wears a golden bracelet with a large pearl on her right hand. She also has golden dress shoes with a golden bow on them.


Her second signature outfit is also a dress. This time, it is navy blue that also has flower designs. The flowers on her dress consist of white, indigo, pink, green, and peach. Along with it is a rusty-colored leather belt with a silver buckle and matching wristwatch on her left hand. She also has pinkish orange dress shoes with black rims and soles, as well as a black bow.


Due to Debbie's unique charisma and likability, she has uncanny ability to easily make friends. Aside from what her cynical nature may suggest, Debbie has shown to be a natural people person, sustaining strong relationships and bonds throughout her peers and elders. Debbie has also inspired many people throughout the world to better themselves and to have more confidence. Debbie is a shining light to countless of people everywhere who struggle to deal accepting their place in the world. Most of the people whom she is friends with worship Debbie and wish to have the honor of simply being in her presence. As much as Debbie can bully someone or take them for granted, it is almost impossible to hate her


Best Friends

Debbie has many people who worship and follow her like the goddess that she is, but none are more loyal to her than Avery. Avery is willing to do anything to gain Debbie's acceptance, as Debbie is the sole reason that Avery can keep living. Debbie is always willing to accept Avery's help, as she is one of the few people Debbie can rely on.

Debbie has inspired Avery to not always act so depressed and stand-offish towards others. Avery considers herself a servent to Debbie and will go extreme lengths to prove that she is worthy enough to breathe the same air as Debbie Fuccinelli.

Talia Parra

Frenemies/Good Friends
Debbie and Talia have rivalry going on between them. Debbie initially loathes Talia because she works for the Fuccinelli's Restaurant's enemy restaurant, Lola's. Because of this, Debbie will often outright insult, humiliate, ridicule, and discomfit Talia. Debbie has sometimes even resorted to manipulating or blackmailing her. Debbie also believes that Talia is worthless. Debbie is superior to Talia in every way, while Talia is nothing compared to Debbie.

For instance, Debbie is a lot more beautiful and attractive than Talia. As well as an impeccable fashion sense. Debbie has a vast amount of friends and is also quite popular. Debbie is gradually more intellectual than Talia and is always making her feel like an idiot. Debbie is even better than cooking than her, even though Talia is a Spice Master. Talia could never hope to be as great as Debbie, but even so, she still futilely holds onto the belief that if there's is anything Talia can best Debbie at it's cooking.

Debbie also hates Talia for thinking that she is capable surpassing her, even though it's completely impossible. Because of this, Debbie pities Talia for striving so hard and painfully to reach her goal of becoming a great chef like Debbie, even though all her efforts ate clearly in vain. Debbie is an infinitely better chef than Talia. Compared to Debbie, Talia couldn't even make a bread-only sandwich.

Debbie knows that, without a doubt, Talia could never match up to her when it comes cooking, but they both frequently try to "out-cook" each other any chance they get. Although she never admits it, Talia is shown to be envious of Debbie's abilities, and at the same time respects her for them. As the series progresses, they both begin to warm up to each other.

In season 2, Debbie and Talia are able to put aside their differences and respect one another's vast proficiency in the culinary field. Initially, Debbie would always look at Talia with disgust and hated her for trying to compete her [Debbie]. But now, Debbie becomes friends with her and was even willing to give away her golden laddle in "Faux Frenchman".

Frenchie Fuccinelli

Frenchie is Debbie's cousin and instructor, teaching her everything that he knows about cooking. They both have been working together to sabotage Lola's. Although they generally get along and are mostly on the same page, Debbie is always annoyed whenever Frenchie pokes fun at her choice of fashion, her cuisine, or her hairstyle. This will often prompt Debbie to retaliate with insults of her own. However, the only reason Frenchie insults Debbie's cooking is because he is afraid that she'll overthrow his spot as head chef. A very notable time of when Debbie was upset with Frenchie was in "Storm and Grubb" when he cheated in a cooking contest so Debbie could win her fourth golden ladle against Talia.

Tyson Fuccinelli

Tyson is Debbie's twin brother. Debbie is often annoyed by her brother's airheadedness and incompetence, and it is because of this that she deemed the "brains" out of the two. She has often times deceived and maniuplated Tyson in order to keep him from knowing about her sabotaging Lola's. However, Debbie has shown a deep caring for her brother.

Julie Parra

Friend; Former Enemy

Although Debbie and Julie have never interacted very much during the course of the series, the two are nearly kindred spirits.

Debbie has only ever thought of Julie as a little nuisance, while Julie knew that Debbie was a massive threat to Lola's and that being ultimately defeated by her was inevitable. Debbie was the only person in the world who has ever intimidated Julie and struck fear into her.

Debbie and Julie are similar in one specific way; they are both foils to Talia. Throughout their childhood, Julie has always been the better sister, excelling at things that Talia could never do. After moving to Miami, this feeling of inferiority in Talia has once again risen upon meeting Debbie, but this time, it is much stronger than before.

In terms of intelligence, the two are also virtually equal.

Rudy Rosales

Valerie Landry


She cooks as horrible as she dresses!
She's going down!
I didn't win?
Ty, don't!


  • Debbie was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • Debbie has 3/half golden ladles.
  • She is known as the best teen chef in the world.
  • She is somewhat fluent in French.
  • She Might Be Tone Deaf.


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