Cooking It Cool is the seventeenth episode of Season 1B in Talia In the Kitchen or the thirty-seventh episode in Season 1.


Julie and Rocky are able to overhear Jayden and Michael, and they learn from the brothers that there is a way to get more spices. Meanwhile, Debbie quits Fuccinelli's to focus on her new job at Lola's, and she will be in charge of the restaurant while Talia and her friends go on a trip to the Panhandle, where they will get more spices. Later, Talia breaks into the Grubb brothers' food truck to find the microphone Julie and Rocky placed, but she gets trapped inside with Jayden until Michael arrives and frees them. At the end, Tyson reveals his jealousy about not being part of what Talia shares with Jayden, but after he is reassured by her, he tells her that Frenchie is their ride to the Panhandle, and they hug, angering Jayden.





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