And Spice Makes Nice[1][2] is the 1st episode in Season 1 and the series of Talia In the Kitchen.


Talia arrives in Miami and discovers her father's spice collection hidden in the locked walls.


The series begins with Talia Parra cooking up a storm and listening to music. She gets a text from her grandmother Dolores who is excited that she and her younger sister Julie are going to be staying with her for a month. Eventually she gets interrupted by her Aunt Tilly, making a mess in the process. The next morning she has to clean up the kitchen, and Julie comes in. They talk for a bit, and it is revealed that both their mother and father passed away. Later, Tilly drops the two off at Dolores' where Talia discovers that her family restaurant, Lola's, has been shut down. Dolores promises to explain everything later, and they go inside. Across the street are Debbie Fuccinelli and her cousin Federico, nicknamed "Frenchie", are worried that Talia will reopen Lola's, as their family owns Fuccinelli's Restaurant. Once in their house, their neighbor Rudy Rosales introduces himself and proceeds to try to show off to Talia by carrying her bags (although he drops to the floor as soon as she's up the stairs). Dolores shows Talia and Julie their room and lets Rudy show Talia around. They try to break into Lola's, but it's blocked off so Rudy goes to check out the back entrance. Valerie Landry goes up to Talia and hugs her, reminding her about how they used to play together when they were kids. Rudy takes them around back where Talia picks the lock and they go in. They reach the back room where Talia finds her dad's old spices hidden in the walls. She shoves them in her bag, but gets in trouble with Dolores as Valerie got her for "help" because she was scared. The next day, she blames Dolores for her breaking into the restaurant because she still hasn't told her what happened to it. Dolores gives her and Julie breakfast, where they have to act like it's edible. That day they go to the community center to sign up for classes. Rudy is there and is helping Talia pick when she sees Tyson Fuccinelli come in, and they stare at each other, making Rudy a bit awkward. Debbie arrives and is putting up a poster for a cooking class Frenchie is teaching, and Talia decides to sign up. When she approaches Debbie, she doesn't get a warm welcome. While signing up, Debbie bashes her and Dolores from a few feet away, which angers Talia so much she takes Rudy's drinks and dumps them on Debbie's head. Later, she and Rudy are waiting in her living room for Dolores to come home after her meeting about Talia. Surprisingly, she is not banned from the community center, but Dolores wants her to apologize. Talia uses her father's spices to make a treat and goes into the Fuccinelli's kitchen. She gets annoyed when Debbie insults her, so she puts her food down and leaves. Tyson goes after her. Frenchie and Debbie try out Talia's food, and unbeknownst to anyone, the spices cause them to like her for the time being and regret what they did to Lola's.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • This episode is the first episode in Season 1.
  • The first episode of the series.
  • Talia discovers Lola's has been shut down.
  • Rocky is absent in this episode due to his non-debut.
  • This episode introduces all the main characters.
  • It is revealed that the Fuccinelli's have closed Lola's down because it was a good restaurant.
  • Talia wants to reopen Lola's.
  • Talia discovers the secret spices.
  • The spices change people's emotions.


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